Bechstein upright piano serial numbers

All sizes of grand pianos. Pianos For Sale Current stock at Besbrode Pianos Leeds Showroom Besbrode Pianos occupies three floors of a Victorian mill and a piano shop in Leeds. Their products have been enjoyed by several ‘ celebrated personalities’ in history, including Queen Victoria, Hans Von Bulow, Franz Liszt and many others. Because of this, sometimes the serial number, especially on older, rebuilt pianos, gets painted over or otherwise removed. Zimmermann soon opened new production sites in Eilenburg, Gotha, and in Seifhennersdorf, the location of the C. Bechstein upright piano serial numbers are usually found at position 2 or 3) Find a serial numbers on a Grand Piano Common serial number locations on grand pianos.

We buy and sell pianos. Piano serial numbers identify the ( 1) age of your piano, the ( 2) piano' s year of manufacture, as well as ( 3) the circumstances surrounding the production of your piano, including factory history, manufacturing processes, and company ownership and oversight. Bechstein Pianos, officially known as C.
With such expansive showrooms, we always stock over 250 grand and upright pianos for sale side by side ready to play and compare. An 1882, Bechstein Model V Grand piano for sale with a burr walnut case and turned legs £ 18, 500 : Bechstein Upright Pianos : A 1988, Bechstein upright piano with a walnut case £ 6500: A 1982, Bechstein upright piano with a satin, mahogany case £ 6000: A 1913, Bechstein upright piano with a burr walnut case £ 10, 500. All models of Bechstein grand or upright pianos available. Bechstein Company now owns the Zimmermann as one of their product lines, one can be assured of the finest quality of craftsmanship and materials that can be obtained from a piano. Piano Manufacturer: Bay.

Bechstein built five main models of Uprights. Bechstein is consistently touted as the world’ s finest production upright piano. HOW OLD IS YOUR PIANO?

I spent over 3 hours last night looking for some basic information about how much I should sell my small upright piano for. Includes Spinets, Consoles, Studios, Uprights. The Synagogue of Satan. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik AG is one of the oldest piano manufacturing companies in the world.

The fact that the C. Visit our BECHSTEIN PIANO sales page for more info. One of the world' s most respected piano companies. For last six years Besbrode Pianos has been official partner to the Leeds I. Bechstein upright piano serial numbers. This information is provided for general interest.

Bechstein Pianos; John Broadwood & Sons Pianos. Find out your piano' s age. Steinway Serial Numbers represent the approximate ending serial number for the year of production for New York and Hamburg pianos. Bechstein Serial Numbers You can use this list of serial numbers to determine the age of your Bechstein. This makes us one of the UK' s largest piano retailers. Finding Grand Serials. If you know the serial number and just want to know the age of your C. After signing up to your membership I discovered my Piano’ s actually worth a lot more than expected. Please Visit Our Piano Site At sherwoodphoenix. Please Note: Serial numbers for some early production may span more than one year. Found 2 Bechstein Upright Model 8A for sale as new in a piano shop - The serial numbersanddate them to be manufactured around 1987/ 8 according to my internet search. Canadian Piano History - Mason & Risch. Bechstein is a legendary brand that’ s steeped in tradition, appreciated by top pianists and driven by a passion for the piano. This is a partial list of piano manufacturers. Bechstein Piano Serial Numbers.

In 1895, the business already employed 120 skilled workers. A 1988, Bechstein upright piano with a walnut case. One thing to bear in mind is that the piano world is always changing. Serial number tables C. If you have specific questions about a piano please contact a qualified tuner/ technician in your local area.
Bechstein upright piano serial numbers. That' s a very early Bechstein serial number! Bechstein Case Numbers. Yamaha B3 Silent Upright Piano. If you are interested in this Bechstein Model 8 piano, give us a call onand ask for Steven Leeming who will be happy to discuss your requirements. Some piano manufacturers place serial numbers in various places.

The age of your piano is determined by the Serial Number. C Bechstein Upright Piano Model Guide Briefly, C. The Bechstein piano is a maker of top quality upright and grand pianos. If you are thinking of selling your piano, knowing the age of it certainly helps.

Piano has an eighty- eight note keyboard and two pedals. Piano Makers Piano Maker History Piano Reference Serial Numbers. Book A Piano Tuning Now.
Bechstein to meet global market demands, Samick took control of the marketing for the company in key overseas markets. 1914 snsnsnsn- 19200. The Bluthner piano has a much clearer tone than the extravagant sound of the Bechstein.

If you have the serial number, that is the best way to find out the exact year of your Bechstein ( refer to our Bechstein Serial Numbers page if you have the serial number). Buy an Upright Piano. The Concert 8 Upright from C. On this site are the current pianos in production, the history of Broadwoods, Serial Numbers and a letter from Beethoven. ’ was founded by C.

- FIND THE AGE & SERIAL NUMBER OF YOUR PIANO. Bechstein factory today. The letters ‘ sn’ mean serial number. Find Your Piano’ s Age & History.

Steinway Piano Serial Numbers For Steinway upright pianos you need to lift the pianos lid and look inside the piano, normally the serial number along with the model will be stamped in ink inside the piano, also on its harp. The piano shop with the best selection of pianos in the UK New and secondhand grand and upright pianos for sale and hire including pianos by Steinway, Bechstein, Yamaha and Kawai. The following list of numbers represents the date of manufacture followed by the piano serial numbers. Bechstein upright piano with a satin, mahogany case. The serial number is not usually in any kind of date format, but tells you the number of pianos ( upright or grand) manufactured up to the point of your number. A 1982, Bechstein upright piano with a satin, mahogany case. Yamaha Piano Serial Numbers. In ‘ Berlin Bechstein Piano Co. Bechstein piano serial number reference information. Besbrode Pianos Leeds Yorkshire England UK.
Bechstein Pianos for sale. Piano serial numbers: Piano manufacturers information :. The age of each C. With the nuance of a grand, but the footprint of an upright, the Concert 8 is truly in a class by itself. The Cult that Hijacked the World Henry Makow PhD Silas Green The Illuminati. We always have a great selection to choose from!

A piano serial number is a unique set of consecutive numbers in code form, providing the initial information to date your piano. The age of your piano is determined by the serial number. Mason & Risch - Serial Numbers and Dates Serial Number Date Serial Number Date Serial Number Date Serial Number Date Serial Number Datefrom Mason & Risch The Mason & Risch piano company dates back to the late 1800’ s. John Broadwood & Sons is the oldest established piano manufacturer in the World today.

Some Bechstein upright pianos had an. It wasn’ t till I stumbled across your Piano Calculator website that I finally got some answers. Steinway' s model numbers are actually a part of the cast- iron plate, but each piano' s unique serial number is stamped onto the plate. Until 1902 ( or around serial number 61, 600), these were known as Model Nos.
Yamaha Piano Serial Number Search. Specialist piano dealers and wholesalers. Bechstein and Samick in Shanghai, China, manufacturing instruments that were exclusively affordable to the Chinese market. Serial Numbers and Appraisal With the serial number of your piano we can determine its age. You can find the year below that your piano was made and the manufacturer in most cases.

You can get an approximate date of your Bechstein using the case number. Please note, because there have been literally thousands of manufacturers over the years we cannot guarantee that information is still available for all of them. Pianos also have numbers other than serial numbers, such is the case with part or patent numbers. Serial Numbers History Models.

Bechstein piano is determined by the serial number which is found on the cast iron plate ( frame) near the tuning pins or on the soundboard. Do you want to buy a Bechstein piano? Steinway Pianos Bechstein Pianos Yamaha Pianos Baby Grand.

Around 1904, in the golden age of piano when hundreds, even thousands of manufacturers existed, the Zimmermann factory was the second largest in Europe. The upright line is offered in a 43" size and four models in smoked oak, walnut, mahogany, and ebony, polished or satin. As you read my comments on piano brands, below, you will note that many are American. For last six years Besbrode Pianos has been official partner to the Leeds International Piano Competition, providing pianos for the competitor' s rehearsals.
Most piano professionals have access to detailed information about these brands using a Piano Atlas to reference serial numbers, which are used to determine a piano' s age using the year a piano was built. Modern Upright Pianos For Sale. Once you have found the serial number of your piano you can find out its date of manufacture. 1915 snsnsnsn- 0. Finding Vertical Piano Serials. Information guide to the piano marketplace, including reviews of various brands of pianos, new and used. View Serial Numbers.

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The best quality upright piano you can buy NOW SOLD. You’ ll find 157 Piano Manufacturers on this list. Specialist piano dealers and wholesaler. Acquired a Bechstein piano in the 1880s ( sources vary on the exact year).

Traditional Bechstein Model 8 Upright Piano. They were among the earliest piano makers in Canada. The disaster and the Titanic herself have been objects of public fascination for many years. They have inspired numerous books, plays, films, songs, poems, and works of art. 1916 snsnsnsn- 2. The story has been interpreted in many overlapping ways, including as a.

My technician ( make sure you deal with a Registered Piano Technician, not a " tuner" ) told me that in the last 200 or so years, there have been about 12, 500 different brands of pianos made ( not model names - - brands)! Besbrode Pianos Leeds UK. Find your piano' s serial number and match it up with the corresponding year from the list below. Kawai K8 upright pianoBechstein model V ( 36) Bösendorfer 130 upright piano 1993 + comparison with grand pianos ( 33). Hoffmann or Zimmermann piano, simply click on one of the links below. Reference the number with our comprehensive tables of data to ascertain the year in which the instrument’ s frame was cast.

For help in locating the serial number of your piano check here:.